University of Liverpool

Currently, we are working for the University of Liverpool in which we have enjoyed a working relationship for over 30 years. Each year we are commissioned to survey 20% of their total estates. We are pleased with the continuing progress made and successfully on target for completion. It is always a pleasure to provide our professional services in order to help and support the University with their long term maintenance plan.

Brunel University London

Drake and Kannemeyer LLP have recently completed an estate survey appraisal for Brunel University London. As part of the commission we have also carried out a detailed survey of Fire Compartmentation, which allows the University team to prioritise the remedial work on the basis of risk.

University of Leeds

Recently the firm completed one of the largest Condition and Legislation surveys we have undertaken for the University of Leeds. The survey consisted of 400 Buildings, which comprise 2.7% of the entire UK Higher Education Estate. Each building was evaluated for maintenance backlog, costed, graded, timed and risk assessed. The survey information was delivered in a relational database that provided a tool for work scheduling and financial planning to enable budgetary control and forecasting of long-term maintenance requirements.

NEPRO Accreditation

The firm is pleased to announce that we have been accredited to the North East Procurement Organisation NEPRO neutral vendor solution. They procure professional services on behalf of the UK public sector in an efficient, controlled and compliant way.

Details of the service for Public Sector Purchasers are available from their website: NEPRO.